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Shark Jaw

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Product Description

Shark Jaw

Introduction :

Shark jaw is used to holding wire rope or chain tightly, and as a brake to withstand load. When weighing anchor/ dropping anchor/ towing, the shark jaw rise, other times, the shark jaw pack up and remain flush with the deck, maintaining deck smoothly.


Construction introduction :

Shark jaw is consisted of shark jaw box/ jaw part/ towing pins/ lifting pin/ hydraulic pump station and electric control system.

1. Shark jaw box, welded by high-strength structural steel plate, frame construction, withstand load on shark jaw part and towing pins, structure is compact.

2. Jaw parts, is link structure, tow jaws flip independently, driven by hydraulic cylinder. When jaw turning to up side, put chain or wire rope to middle side of two jaws, when jaw turning to down side and flush with the deck, to ensure the deck surface without obstacles. Two heavy load hydraulic cylinders connected to jaw part by a lever plate, extending and retracting jaw parts.

3. Towing pin, used to limited chain or rope between two pins, for safety consideration. The pin has towing bollard which can extending and retracting separately, driven by hydraulic cylinder, the extending bollard can rotate to reduce the chains and bollards friction and wear. The hydraulic cylinder which used to drive towing pin, can extend bollard at any positionabove deck. When absolutely retracted, remaining flush with the deck.

4. Lifting pin, located between two jaws, driven by hydraulic cylinder, to lift chain or rope from down side to the top of wedge apex between jaws.

5. Hydraulic pump station and control system :

Shark jaw has separate pump station, to ensure that their actions affect by other devices. Pump station arranged to close shark jaw, to reduce pipeline and improve efficiency.

a. Jaw turning, can turn any jaw randomly.

b. Towing pin can extending and retracting, can extend and retract any towing pin randomly, and can stop the towing pin at any height.

c. Lifting pin, can extend and retract the pin randomly, and can stop the pin at any height.

d. Quick release: can retract towing pins/ lifting pin/ jaws in a short time, to avoid impact on chain or rope.

e. Emergency release, equipped an accumulator in system, under the situation of power loss, supply 24V DC emergency power to the solenoid valve in accumulator system, then the accumulator supply power to retract towing pins/ lifting pin/ jaws.

If you are interested in Shark Jaw,please contact us for more details.

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