Heysea Yacht Group
Asian Excellent Yacht Manufacturer
Heysea Yacht Group is the leading manufacturer of luxury yachts in mainland China. Heysea has a 66700 sqm manufacturing facility, a designing and development team with 20 years of industry experience, and more than 400 experienced technicians. Since the establishment of the Heysea brand in 2007, the company has been focused on the market niche of mid to large luxury yachts (60 ft- 165 ft).

Today, Heysea has a dominating market share in the Chinese 60+ ft yacht sector and has the most number of 60ft + yachts owned in mainland China. In 2015, Heysea Yachts was ranked at 25th in the world on the "Global Order Book" issued by "Boat International Media". Heysea is the only Chinese shipyard that is listed on that rankings.

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