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A60 Class Super Lightweight Floating Deck

  • HHF-2
  • UC Marine
  • China

Product Description

A60 Class Super Lightweight Floating Deck

*Model: HHF-2

*Characteristic: Vibration resistance, impact resistance, sound absorption, elastic, fire rating is A-60 class

*Applicable for: Covering for A-60 class decks and other approx. A-60 class structures.

*Consume amount: 20 kg/m 2 (HH-5 face layer)

*Packing: Dry material (A component): 20kg/pack, supply steel meshes, rockwool boards in package counting in areas

*Storage: Cool and dry place, moisture-proof, the quality guarantee period is 6 months

Technical Index of A60 Class Super Lightweight Floating Deck:

HH-5 Super light fireproof Deck Covering
No.Item nameIndexExecutive standard
1Initial setting time≥1hQ/HCF 1-2012
2Final setting time≤12h
3Modulus of rapture≥3MPa
4Compressive strength≥10MPa
6Water absorption≤10%
7Oil absorption≤10%
8Heat conductivity≤1.2W/m.k
9Non-combustibilityIn accordance with IMO2010FTP Code Part 1
Steel mash
1Specification Weight

Φ2.5mm, 1800mm×600mm×40mm×40mm,


Rock wool
1Non-combustibility Density

In accordance with IMO2010FTP Code Part 1,

150 kg/m 

Deck Structure
1Fire RatingA-60 In accordance with IMO2010 FTP Code Part 3
2Weight per square meter25±1 kg/m2/40mm

If you are interested in A60 class super lightweight floating deck, please contact us for more details.

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