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Ship Deck Covering

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Product Description

Ship Deck Covering

Soundproofing and noise prevention are important requirements of modern ship design and construction, along with the weight of the fitted flooring. These are systems used on floors/decks and bulkheads that reduce airborne, structure born and impact noise.

Data of Ship Deck Covering:

HH-2Primary Deck CoveringCovering for not readily ignitable deck of cabins
HQ-1Lightweight Primary Deck Covering
HQ-2Super Lightweight Primary Deck Covering
HQ-3Super Light Weight Primary Deck Covering
HH-3A-60 Class Fireproof DeckCovering for A-60 class decks and damp cabins
HH-4A-60 Class Fireproof Deck
HH-5A-60 Class Super Lightweight Fireproof DeckCovering for A-60 class decks
HX-1Open Deck CoveringCovering for open deck (outdoor and wheelhouse top)
HHF-1A-60 Class Floating DeckCovering for A-60 class decks and other approx.A-60 class structures.
HHF-2A-60 Class Super Lightweight Floating Deck
HHF-3A-60 Class Noise Reducing Floating DeckCovering for A-60 class decks and other approx.A-60 class structures,
especially appropriate for the cabins require high sound insulation.
HJL-1Marine Leveling Deck CoveringPatch up the roughness of each primary covering application and the
leveling coat of A-60 class deck
HT-02Marine Covering CoatUse for industrial grounds, all kinds of ship decks, building grounds 
and the testing places which need high requirements
HT-03Marine Noise Reducing Coat

All kinds of ship decks of living cabins, which require not readily

ignitability, especially for the marine works and military warships.

HEP-1Lightweight Epoxy Primary Deck Covering

If you are interested in ship deck covering, please contact us for more details.

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