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Cubitainers for Bunker Samplers

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Product Description

Cubitainers for Bunker Samplers

A representative sample of bunker fuel oil during the transaction between seller and buyer has always been an area of potential dispute. A Bunker supplier that can offer a guarantee of quality retains a competitive advantage and the consuming party receives confidence in engine performance and compliance with that fuel. Uncompromising Bunker fuel oil sampling is therefore vital to bunker transactions and determining the quality of the fuel oil.

When taking a sample it is essential to use a clean container which is safe for handling, storage and / or transport to laboratory. 

Bunker samplers use disposable 'cubitainers'. These hold the oil sample before mixing and transfer to the sample bottles. They also keep out all external contamination.

Features of Cubitainers for Bunker Samplers:

Capacity: 5 litre

Neck: 38 mm

Material: HDPE

Temp.: -20℃ ~ 80℃

Quantities: 100pcs/packs

If you are interested in cubitainers for bunker samplers, please contact us for more details.

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