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Tank Bottom Sampler

  • UC Marine

  • Brass,Stainless steel

  • GB/T4756

  • China


Product Description

Tank Bottom Sampler

This sampler has been designed for taking bottom samples. The bottom sampler can be easily disassembled for ease of cleaning and it consists of a seamless cylinder with a screw thread at the top and bottom, a lid, bottom and valve with spring system.

Bottom Sampler suitable for light crude oils, light lubricating oils, kerosenes, gasolines, transparent gas oils, diesel fuels, distillates, heavy crude, fuel oils, heavy lubricating oils and nontransparent gas oils.

Instructions of Tank Bottom Sampler:

1. One end of the static proof sampling rope is firmly grounded, and the place can not have insulating paint. The other end of the static proof sampling rope is firmly connected with the bottom sampler.

2. Touch the tank before sampling, so as to eliminate static electricity.

3. The bottom sampler falls to the bottom of the container at a speed of not more than 1 meters per second. When the bottom valve is touched at the bottom of the container, the bottom valve opens and the oil will have bubbles when entered in. Put out the bottom sample when the bubble is free. Then the sample can be collected. Dry it after sampling.

4. When the bottom sampler is put forward, the bottom sampler should not touch the metal oil tank as far as possible so as to avoid electrostatic discharge.

5. During the whole sampling process, the bottom sampler, the static proof sampling rope and the grounding points must be firmly connected to eliminate the static electricity.

Technical Data of Tank Bottom Sampler:

MaterialModelDiameterOverall height
Stainless Steel

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