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Marine Electric Steam Rice Cooker

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Product Description

Marine Electric Steam Rice Cooker

*Can use electrictity or steam heating

*Multi-function, widely applicable occasions

*Simple, safe and reliable

*The compressive heat insulation effect is good

*Overall structure of stainless steel


Model Capacity Pressure Voltage Power rating Outline size (mm) Net weight
(L) (MPa) (V) (kw) (L×B×H) (kg)
RGZ-40 40 ≤0.30 3~220/380/440 9 860×540×800 85
RGZ-80 80 ≤0.30 3~220/380/440 13.5 970×650×940 115
RGZ-250 250 ≤0.30 3~220/380/440 13 1240×890×1100 240

If you are interested in marine electric steam rice cooker, please contact us for more details.

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