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Marine Fire Door

  • UC Marine

  • Marine Fire Door

  • Cabin Door

  • Steel and Fireproof board

  • Fire Class A-15/A-60/B-15/B-30/H-120


  • China


Product Description

Marine Fire Door

Our marine fire doors in designed for a rougher environment and functions onboard ships and platforms. These doors as single leaf door, sliding door or double leaf door. They are delivered with certificates in classes A0, A15, A60, B15, B30 and H120 equipped for each need and demand.

The door leaf is galvanized, primed for later coating, powder coated, pvc-foiled, laminated or stainless steel. The frame is produced as a Z-profile in high quality steel and primed. It can, as an option, be delivered powder coated or in stainless steel. The stainless steel hinges are welded to the frame and bolted to the door leaf. The core material is fireproof board or mineral wool with high density that is glued to the door leaf steel sheets.

Technical Data of Marine Fire Door:

Single Leaf Fire Door
TypeFire ClassDimension



Core Material
Class H-120 Single-leaf Fireproof DoorH-1202000*900mm60mmFireproof board
Class A-60 Single-leaf Fireproof DoorA-602400*1200mm40mmFireproof board
Class A-15 Single-leaf Fireproof DoorA-15/A-02400*1200mm40mmRock wool
Class B-15 Single-leaf Fireproof DoorB-152100*950mm40mmRock wool
Class B-30 Single-leaf Fireproof DoorB-302100*950mm40mmFireproof board


Weathertight and Gastight Fireproof Door

A-602750*1200mm40mmFireproof board

Quick Co-locked

Weathertight and Gastight Fireproof Door

A-602400*1200mm71mmFireproof board
Single-leaf Fireproof Sliding DoorA-602400*1800mm60mmFireproof board
Fireproof Roller ShutterA-02700*2300mm
Ceramic wool
Single-leaf Access DoorB-151900*800mm23mmRock wool
Single-leaf Ceiling HatchB-15800*500mm40mmRock wool
Double Leaf Fire Door
Class H-120 Double-leaf Fireproof DoorH-1202000*1800mm80mmFireproof board
Class A-60 Double-leaf Fireproof DoorA-602200*2000mm50mmFireproof board
Class B-15 Double-leaf Fireproof DoorB-152100*1900mm40mmRock wool


Weathertight and Gastight Fireproof Door

A-602750*2400mm55mmFireproof board
Double-leaf Access DoorB-151950*1900mm45mmRock wool

Double-leaf Wooden Fireproof Door

B-152000*1800mm45mmRock wool

Our marine fire door guarantee maximum safety, absolute reliability and unparalleled resistance to influences such as weather, corrosion, water or fire. Get in touch for more details.

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