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Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Repairs Towing-Supply Vessel "Nercha"

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Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Repairs Towing-Supply Vessel "Nercha"

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Repairs Towing-Supply Vessel "Nercha"

Major overhaul of the towing and supply vessel "Nercha" belonging to the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of the “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC has been accomplished at the “Bibiheybat” Ship Repair Yard.

During the repair works the ship's main and auxiliary engines, pumps and pipeline systems were repaired. Moreover, the cabins of the crew, sanitary junctions and dining rooms have been renewed.

At the same time, by lifting ship to the dock, the works on the adjustment of propulsion-steering complex, repairing of bottom-outboard fittings and protective installations were performed.

The replacement of the damaged areas on the hull’s draft and its surface, which constituted a hazard for the flotation, was carried out. Also, the draft and surface of the vessel were cleaned and painted.

After the repair of the ship's mechanical and electrical equipment was completed, the sea trials took place. The sea trials were successfully passed, and the vessel was sent to the port-base of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet.

The towing and supply vessel "Nercha" is used for the supply of oil and gas production facilities, towing of heavy constructions, drilling rigs, transportation of anchors. The vessel with a length of 67.23 and a width of 13.89 meters is equipped with two 12V22-type engines produced by “Wartsila” company with a capacity of 2х2420 h.p.

Towing-Supply Vessel Nercha

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