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Equipment News

  • What is Marine Electric Plug
    Marine electric plug are used for connecting cutting on or off the ship appliance circuit with AC or DC low-voltage.
  • 15ppm Bilge Alarm type Bilgmon 488
    Tipe bilge alarm 15ppm BILGMON 488 adalah tipe yang telah mendapatkan persetujuan dan memenuhi persyaratan IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49), dimensi kecil yang ideal dalam melakukan retrofit.
  • Immersion Suit Maintenance
    Each immersion suit needs to be regularly checked and maintained properly in order to be ready for use all the time.
  • Marine Evacuation System Requirement and Storage
    Marine Evacuation System Requirement and Storage
  • Life Raft SOLAS A and B Difference
    All inflatable life rafts have an emergency pack which according to SOLAS requirement, there are SOLAS A and B two type. Here we will learn the difference between SOLAS A and B.
  • Pressure test of Immersion Suits
    Pressure test of Immersion Suits
  • Types of Immersion Suits
    Types of Immersion SuitsThere are basically three types of immersion suits.
  • Liferaft Launching Procedure
    There are 3 ways to launching a self inflating life raft. By Hydrostatic Release Unit, by manual and by davit. Here I will tell you details of launching procedures.
  • SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits
    Immersion Suits may be of the kinds that are Insulated, Un-insulated, wearable with life jacket (all should have sufficient buoyancy)
  • What is Fuel Oil Sampling
    One of the most important work during any bunkering is taking the bunker fuel sample & fuel oil transfer quantity calculation. The Bunker fuel sampling includes the method of taking the sample, the location of sampling and witnessing it.
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