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Line Sampler

  • Q What is Line Samplers Standards?

    A Line samplers are compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI helping you to stay within the legal requirements for bunker fuel sampling.
  • Q How to Select the Correct Size of Drip Type Bunker Sampler?

    A = Pitch Circle Diameter;
    B = Nominal Pipe Size;
    C = Bolt Hole Diameter;
    Calculation : X = A-C : Select the nearest size Bunker Sampler with an OD smaller than X and an inner diameter larger than the Nominal Pipe Size (B). 
    Example : Pitch Circle Diameter (A) = 290 mm Bolt Hole Diameter (C) = 23 mm Nominal Pipe Size (B) = 200 mm: (X) 267 =  290 (A) - 23 (C) 
  • Q Several Fuel Oil Sampling Methods?

    The sample should be obtained by one of the following methods:
    1.Manual valve-setting continuous-drip sampler;
    2.Time-proportional automatic sampler;
    3.Flow-proportional automatic sampler.
  • Q What requirements should the sampling point meet?

    According to the IMO guidelines, this sampling point should comply with all the following requirements:
    *be easily and safely accessible;
    *take into account the different fuel oil grades used for the fuel oil combustion machinery item;
    *be downstream of the in-use fuel oil service tank;
    *be as close to the fuel oil combustion machinery as safely feasible taking into account the type of fuel oil, flow-rate, temperature, and pressure behind the selected sampling point;
    *be located in a position shielded from any heated surfaces or electrical equipment and the shielding device or construction should be sturdy enough to endure leaks, splashes or spray under design pressure of the fuel oil supply line so as to preclude impingement of fuel oil onto such surface or equipment; and
    *be fitted with suitable drainage to the drain tank or other safe location.
  • Q Effects of Contaminants in the Fuel?

    A Oxides of nitrogen are formed when the nitrogen in the fuel, and some of the nitrogen in the air combines with the oxygen present during combustion in the heat of the combustion process. The quantity of NOx produced is dependent on the temperature and duration of combustion, and the quantity of oxygen present in the combustion space.
  • Q Importance of Fuel Oil Sampling?

    A A representative sample would be obtained by a permanent sampling probe fitted close to the bunkering manifold. The rate of sampling would ensure that a sampling quantity required is taken over the full duration of the bunkering operation. The sample container is then thoroughly mixed before being poured into new, clean containers. The containers are then sealed and signed before being sent to the shore testing facility.

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