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Fresh Water Generator

  • Q Why Install Big Size of Fresh Water Generator Machinery?

    A The major use of this water comes for the Boiler which operates in the ship. The boiler needs de mineralized water as it will help in reducing the corrosion and scale formation in the boiler surfaces.
  • Q The Fresh Water Generator Has Low Operating And Maintenance Costs?

    A Start-and-forget operation, combined with easy access to the interior, minimizes man-hours required for operation and maintenance, making UC Marine fresh water generators easy to operate and maintain.
  • Q Fresh Water Generator Installed Complicated?

    A Compact and lightweight, UC Marine fresh water generators are easy to install and assemble onsite.
  • Q The Working Principle of Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator?

    A Desalination by Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process whereby fresh water is extracted from seawater through the use of a semipermeable membrane. An RO watermaker consists of several key components. Prefiltration removes particulate matter from the seawater. Then, a high-pressure pump pressurizes the seawater to approximately 800-1,000 psi. Pressure vessels house the RO membranes where the separation of fresh water from seawater occurs. Approximately 40 percent of the seawater feed is extracted as fresh product. The balance of the water, referred to as “concentrate,” is discharged to drain. A real-time conductivity instrument measures the conductivity of the product water. If the maximum conductivity limit is exceeded, product water is automatically diverted to waste.
  • Q Does The Fresh Water Generator Have A Long Service Life?

    A To ensure long equipment lifetime, UC Marine fresh water generators come with high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel 304.
  • Q How About The Quality of Fresh Water Produced By The Fresh Water Generator?

    A Corrosion-resistant UC Marine freshwater generators provide high quality freshwater with low content of dissolved solids (salinity). This ensures the supply of pure water, which can be used directly as make-up for steam boilers.
  • Q Various Types of Fresh Water Generators Used On Board Ships Are Mainly?

    A 1. Submerged tube type fresh water generator.
    2. Plate type fresh water generator.
    3. Reverse osmosis type fresh water generator.
    Essential requirement of any fresh water generator is that it should produce fresh water as economically as possible.
  • Q Why We Need The Fresh Water Generator?

    A One use is the simple one that we need fresh water for drinking.

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