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SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits

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SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits

SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits

The following are the SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits; to know how many immersion suits are present onboard a ship, one should refer to the “fire control and safety plan”:

*Each person on board the ship must have his/her own personal immersion suit. Also, extra immersion suits should be provided for the watchkeepers

*Immersion Suits may be of the kinds that are Insulated, Un-insulated, wearable with life jacket (all should have sufficient buoyancy)

*Made of waterproof material

*Internationally RED in color which is highly visible. Note that most other LSA equipment is bright ORANGE

*The immersion suit should be unpacked and donned within a time frame of 2 minutes without any external help or assistance

*The individual must be able to jump from a height of at least 4.5 meters into water without injury to life of any damage to the immersion suit

*The suit should be able to cover the whole body except the face. Hands should be covered unless permanently attached gloves are provided

*Retro-reflective tapes must be fitted

*It shall not sustain burning or continue to melt after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of 2 seconds

*Normal work must be able to be carried out upon wearing

*The wearer should be capable of climbing up and down a vertical ladder of at least 5 meters in length

*The wearer must be able to swim a short distance

*The immersion suit is worn in cold weather when the temperature is below the freezing point

*The suit does not allow the body temperature to drop by more than 2 degrees when immersed for a period of 6 hours when the water temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees

*The wearer of the suit, with or without the lifejacket shall be able to turn from a face down position to a face-up position in not more than 5 seconds

*If a lifejacket is required along with the immersion suit, then it should be worn over the immersion suit and without assistance

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