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Sacrificial Anodes Application

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Sacrificial Anodes Application

Sacrificial Anodes Application

There is a wide range of commercial use for sacrificial (galvanic) anodes due to the need to protect everyday use steel from corrosion. From the protection of offshore oil platforms and underground gas pipelines to the hulls from various sea vessels and storage tanks, sacrificial anodes are the principal factor in corrosion prevention.

Sacrificial anode configurations for offshore structures are many and varied. Structural anodes may be flush mounted, with bar steel inserts or may be standoff types, generally with tubular steel inserts which may be reinforced with concentric or long elbow reducers to meet structural design requirements of a given anode location. Pipeline anodes in bracelet form may be paired half shells or segmented anode assemblies. Bracelet anodes may be square ended or tapered, and with a variety of mounting arrangements incorporated into the insert design. Anodes are cast around steel inserts or cores which support the anodic material, allow attachment to the structure or pipeline and provide an electrically continuous path from the structure to the anode surface.

Some industry applications:

* Marine Vessels

* Offshore Structures

* Water and Waste Water

* Above and Underground Storage Tanks

* Energy

* Oil and Gas

* Pipelines

* Refineries

* Bridges

* Electric Power

* Water Heaters and Boilers

* Chemical Processing

* Bridges

* Military Facilities

* Utilities

* Concrete

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