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Pressure test of Immersion Suits

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Pressure test of Immersion Suits

Pressure test of Immersion Suits

RESULT OF INSPECTION : Inspection to Immersion Suits

*Technical Revision was made to each Immersion Suit.

*Air pressure test is recommended at intervals not exceeding three years , or more frecuency for suits over ten years of age.

*A suitable head piece was inserted into the face orifice of the suit and secured so as to minimize     leakage around the face seal. A low-pressure monitoring device , either integral to the fitting for air injection or as a separate device , was also inserted. The zipper was fully zipped , and any face flap closed. The suit was then inflated to a pressure of 0,7 to 1,4kpa (0,1 to 0,2 psi).

*Each seam and closure of the suit , oral tube and attachment points and join or valve of any auxiliary means of buoyancy were then covered with a soapy water solution containing enough soap to produce bubbles.

*An air pressure test was performed at a suitable shore based facility equipped to make any necessary repairs in accordance with the manufacturer`s recommendations.

*After execute the corresponding air pressure test , we can say that the immersion suits are in optimal conditions to be used.

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Pressure test of Immersion Suit

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