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Marine Evacuation System Requirement and Storage

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Marine Evacuation System Requirement and Storage

Marine Evacuation System Requirement and Storage


A marine evacuation system shall be:

1). Capable of deployment by one person;

2). Such as to enable the total number of persons for which it is designed, to be transferred from the ship into the inflated liferaft within a period of 30 min in the case of a passenger ship and of 10 min in the case of a cargo ship from the time abandon ship signal is given;

3). Arranged such that liferafts may be securely attached to the platform and released from the platform by a person either in the liferaft or on the platform;

4). Capable of being deployed from the ship under unfavorable conditions of trim of up to 10° and list of up to 20°either way;

5). In the case of being fitted with an inclined slide, such that the angle of the slide to the horizontal is:

A. Within a range of 30°to 35°when the ship is upright and in the lightest sea-going condition; and

B. In the case of a passenger ship, a maximum of 55°in the final stage of flooding set by the requirements in regulation II-1/8;

6). Evaluated for capacity by means of timed evacuation deployments conducted in harbour;

7). Capable of providing a satisfactory means of evacuation in a sea state associated with a wind of force 6 on the Beaufort scale;

8). Designed to, as far as practicable, remain effective under conditions of icing; and so constructed that only a minimum amount of routine maintenance is necessary.


1). The ship’s side shall not have any openings between the embarkation station of the marine evacuation system and the water line in the lightest seagoing condition and means shall be provided to protect the system from any projections.

2). Marine evacuation systems shall be in such positions as to ensure safe launching having particular regard to clearance from the propeller and steeply overhanging positions of the hull and so that,as far as practicable,the system can be launched down the straight side of theship.

3). Each marine evacuation system shall be stowed so that neither the passage nor platform nor its stowage or operational arrangements will interfere with the operation of any other life-saving appliance at any other launching station.

4). Where appropriate,the ship shall be so arranged that the marine evacuation systems in their stowed positions are protected from damage by heavy seas.

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