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Life Raft SOLAS A and B Difference

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Life Raft SOLAS A and B Difference

Life Raft SOLAS A and B Difference

All inflatable life rafts have an emergency pack which according to SOLAS requirement, there are SOLAS A and B two type. Here we will learn the difference between SOLAS A and B.

1.Life rafts: Standards of equipment

Life Raft Construction

*Insulating double wall canopy

*Insulating Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor

*Painter/Static Line (Length, 130 ft.)

*CO2 Inflation System

*Painter/Static Line Attachment Point

*(1700 lbs. test) (6-10 Person Capacity)

*Righting Strap

*Lifelines (Inner)

*Lifelines (Outer)

*Exterior Locator Light

*Interior Light

*Pressure Relief Valves

*Large Rectangular Ballast Pockets

*Retro-Reflective Tape

*Boarding Ladder

*Boarding Handholds

*Static Line Weak Link

*Canopy Support Arches

*Sealed Buoyancy Chambers

*Approved Hydrostatic Release

*Manual Topping Off Valves

*Double Layer Storm Doors

*Fiberglass/Fabric Container

*Pressure Relief Valve Plugs

Life Raft Equipment

*Sea Anchor(Automatically Deployed)

*Floating/Heaving Line (Length 100 ft.)

*Rain Water Collector

*Floating Knife

*Waterproof Equipment Bag

*Raft Use Instructions

*Individual Thermal Protective Aids (2 ea.)


*Manual Inflation/Bilge Pump

*Repair Clamps (6 ea.)

*Adhesive & Patch Repair Kit

Additional equipment required to bring life-raft to SOLAS approved standard. SOLAS A is more comprehensive than SAOLA B!

SOLAS “B” EQUIPMENT:   (in addition to all standard equipment described above)

*Waterproof Flashlight

*Spare Flashlight Bulb

*Spare Flashlight “D” Cell Batteries (3 ea.)

*Sponges (2 ea.)


*SOLAS Parachute Distress Signals (2 ea.)

*SOLAS Red Handheld Distress Signals (2 ea.)

*SOLAS Smoke Signal

*Seasick Bags (1 Per Person)

*Water Storage Bag

*Thermal Protective Aid

*Signal Mirror

*First Aid Kit

*Signaling Whistle

*Anti-Seasickness Pills (6 Per Person)

*Spare Sea Anchor

SOLAS “A” EQUIPMENT:  (in addition to all standard and SOLAS B equipment described above)

*Graduated Drinking Cup

*Drinking Water (6-20 Person Capacity – 1½ Liters Per Person)

*Food Ration (10 Kilo-Joules Per Person)

*Can Opener

*Fishing Kit

*SOLAS Parachute Distress Signals (2 Add’l, 4 total)

*SOLAS Red Handheld Distress Signals (2 Add’l, 4 total))

*SOLAS Smoke Signal (1 Add’l, 2 total)

If you are interested in SOLAS A type inflatable liferaft, SOLAS B type inflatable liferaft, please contact us for more details.

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