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Dredger Bonny River Launched in China

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Dredger Bonny River Launched in China

Dredger Bonny River Launched in China

DEME's latest trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), Bonny River, was launched at Royal IHC's partner yard COSCO Guangdong Shipyard in China and is due to be commissioned and put into operation in the coming weeks.

The TSHD has a capacity of 15,000 m3 and a maximum dredging depth of 102 meters.

According to Royal IHC, Bonny River combines various functions, such as the ability to dredge hard soil with its heavy duty suction tube combined with the ability to reach great depths with its XXL tube.

Environmentally friendly aspects such as minimizing turbulence with its closed process water circuit, installation of dual-fuel engines and CLEANSHIP & Green Passport notation make Bonny River a versatile TSHD, Royal IHC added.

15000m3 trailing suction hopper dredger

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trailing suction hopper dredger

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