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Electric Synchronous Steering Gear

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Product Description

Electric Synchronous Steering Gear

This kind of steering gear are used in twin-hull vessel, open hull barge, the vessels whose distance between two rudders is very big and the vessels whose two rudders can’t control through mechanical rod. The steering gear can be controlled through auto pilot system or follow up steering device.

Technical Data of Electro Hydraulic Steering Gear:

TorqueRudder Turning TimeRudder Turning AngleDrive TypePower of Motor
2×8kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder3.0kW
2×12kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder4.0kW
2×16kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder3.0kW
2×20kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder5.5kW
2×30kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder7.5kW
2×40kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder7.5kW
2×50kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder11.0kW
2×63kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder11.0kW
2×100kN.m≤20S±35°End twist cylinder15.0kW

If you are interested in electric synchronous steering gear,please contact us for more details.

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