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Fuel Sampling Quick Guide

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Fuel Sampling Quick Guide

Fuel Sampling Quick Guide

According to MARPOL regulations, each vessel has to keep samples of bunkered fuel oil to prove it responds to the requirements. 

When taking bunkers, a representative sample of the fuel oil delivered should be given to the ship by the supplier. It is not a good idea to accept a sample in a sealed container, without knowing its source. The supplier will often use a flow proportional automatic continuous sampler, which, as its name suggests, will take a sample of the fuel as the the fuel is pumped on board. Before bunkering commences, the sampler is set to the quantity of fuel to be delivered, the bottles connected and the sampler sealed. The Chief Engineer or his representative will be asked to witness the setting and sealing of the sampler. At the end of bunkers, the sample bottles are sealed, again witnessed, and signed. One of the bottles is given to the ship; this should be retained on board for at least 3 months in case of dispute over the bunker quality, when the sample can be sent for independent analysis.

The vessel may want to carry out its own on board tests, or send the sample to an independent organisation like FOBAS for testing. In this case, the supplier may give the ship an additional sample. If not, or if the sampling of the fuel cannot be witnessed, then it may be necessary for the ship to take its own samples. The most practical and economical method of doing this is to employ a continuous drip sampler.

Fuel sampling procedure:

1. Fuel Drip Bunker Samplers (Quick Guide, Step 1)

2. MARPOL Cubitainer sample set for 5 L  (For fuel sample collection) (Quick Guide, step 2) 

3. Set of MARPOL sample bottles for 500 ml (For the preservation of fuel samples) (Quick Guide, step 3).

Fuel Sampling Procedure

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