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Marine Anemometer

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Product Description

Marine Anemometer

Marine Anemometer AM706 is a combined instrument for wind speed and wind direction. It can measure relative wind speed (accuracy ±5%), relative wind direction (display accuracy 10 °, output accuracy ± 1 °).

 Marine Anemometer
Item Specification
Speed display Digital LED
Direction display Direction and variation LED ring
Heading display Digital LED(with Gyro data input)
True wind direction Digital LED (with Gyro data input)
Max wind speed Digital LED display
Brightness adjustment 6levels adjustable
Power-drop alarm Alarm with inner buzzer
Data output NMEA0183 wind speed and direction
NMEA Port RS422 output 2pin NMEA A/B
Direction Accuracy ±1°
Wind range 0-359°
Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
Speed range 0-25m/s
Startup wind speed  ≤1.2m/s
Power supply 24V DC(20-32V) 5W
Operating temperature -20 to +70 degree C
Humidity 10-90%relative,no condensation
Protection IP23
Operating temperature -15 to +85 degree C
Storage temperature -20 to +85 degree C
Protection IP56

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