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Marine Brass Socket with Switch TJCZKH209

  • TJCZKH209
  • UC Marine
  • Brass
  • DIN89263
  • CCS,CE
  • China

Product Description

Marine Brass Socket with Switch TJCZKH209

Marine brass socket with switch shell is made of high quality brass casting, it has the feature of fine sealing function and fine electric function.

*Material: Brass

*Protection class: IP56

*Applicable cable: Ф8~Ф15mm

*Production authentication: Approved by CCS and CE

*Adopt standard: DIN89263 (CB3412-92)

Technical Data of Marine Brass Socket:

Common cable typeTJCZKH209-1TJCZKH209-2TJCZKH209-3TJCZKH209-4TJCZKH209-5
Shield cable typeTJCZKH219-1TJCZKH219-2TJCZKH219-3TJCZKH219-4TJCZKH219-5
Rated voltage24V110V220V380V/440V380V/440V
Rated current10A10A10A10A10A

If you are interested in marine brass socket with switch TJCZKH209, please contact us for more details.

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