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Marine DC Electric Siren

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Product Description

Marine DC Electric Siren

This type of electric siren can be used as ship alarm audio signal generator.

It uses brushless DC motor of high speed rotating, drive sound institutions make a alarm signal of 400~700Hz. the time of enhancement and extinction of sound is not more than 15 seconds.

The electric siren uses the brushless DC motor, no carbon brush and commutator, so it has the characteristics of sparkless commutation, high reliability, good weathering resistance, high effciency, stable operation, low noise, avoid mechanical maintenance and long service life etc.

Technical Data of Marine DC Electric Siren:

Model YDZ-24Z
Voltage DC24V(20V~28V)
Currennt >9A
Spped 6000r/min ± 10%
in full load, 5200r/min ± 10%
Environment temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃
Relative humidity 95%
Motor insulation class Class F insulation should be not more than 100℃
Shell protection class IP55

If you are interested in marine dc electric siren, please contact us for more details. we also supply marine electronic siren.

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