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Ship Air Horns

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Product Description

Ship Air Horns

*With waterproof button.

*Suitable for medium and large ship.

*Can be used to manually control the cable or the power button to pronounce whistle.

*Compliance with the International Regulation for preventing Collision at Sea (COLREG)1972 and the regulation of Legal Inspection for Vessel at Sea issued by Chinese Vessel Inspection Bureau.


Model WD-1
Voltage (AC/DC) 220/110/24
Power (W) 45
Size DN (mm) 25
Rated pressure PN (MPa) 1
Distance (Nautical mile) 1.5
Sound Pressure Level (db) ≥138
Frequency (Hz) 160
Working Mode Gap
Air consumption (m3/s) ≤8.3×10-3
Electric heater voltage (DC/AC) 220/110
Electric heater power (W) <250

If you are interested in ship air horns, please contact us for more details. we also supply marine dc electric siren.Ship Air Horns.jpg

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