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Marine Diaphragmatic Air Siren

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Product Description

Marine Diaphragmatic Air Siren

*The siren is a navigating device with condensed as sound motive. it is appliable to various ships and boats, and can be used as the source of the alarm signal in the case of clcaring of entering a port, shunning in voyage or bad visibility.

*The siren has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable quality, clear sound, big volumn, small air consumption.

*It is accordance with the IMO A.1021(26) Resolution 《2009 Alarm and Indicator Rules》 and 1972 《The inter-national maritime regulations for preventing collisions》 Appendix 3 article 1 requirements.


Nominal Dimension (mm)4681015
Nominal Pressure (Mpa)0.390.590.590.80.98
1/3 Frequency Band (db)≥120≥120≥130≥134≥138
Frequency Range (Hz)250-700250-700250-700250-700130-350
Hearing Distance (Nautical Mile)0.50.5111.5
Length of Ship (M)12-2012-2020-7520-7575-200

If you are interested in marine diaphragmatic air siren, please contact us for more details. we also supply shipbased multifunction electronic siren.

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