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Principles And Characteristics Of Magnetic Compass

Views:43     Author:UC Marine China     Publish Time: 15-09-2015      Origin:www.ucmarine.com

Principles And Characteristics Of Magnetic Compass

Principles And Characteristics Of Magnetic Compass

Magnetic compass is an instrument uses a magnetic needle pointing to magnetic interaction energy in the Earth's magnetic north point (south) pole of principle made. Magnetic compass as an important marine navigation equipment installed on the ship has a very long history of use. At present, the modern ship Although equipped with a gyroscope (gyro instrument), satellite navigation (GPS) and other advanced navigation equipment, but because of modern magnetic compass has a simple structure, reliable performance, and does not depend on external conditions, features, it is still used as necessary navigation equipment was installed using marine vessels. International Maritime Organization (IMO), classification societies, national vessel inspection agencies are clearly defined: marine vessels should be equipped with a magnetic compass, and should be properly equipped with self-correcting deviations and poor form.

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