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What is Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

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What is Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

What is Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Life boats are commonly used in ships. They are used in times of emergency to survive the rough waters. We will now discuss something about totally enclosed lifeboats.

As the name itself suggest these boats are completely enclosed. They ensure that no rain water or sea water can enter the craft. Totally enclosed lifeboat can accommodate up to 150 person. These life boats are provided with seats. Each seat has an attached life jacket and oxygen mass to it.

Each seat has a separate seat belt that the passengers must wear when in the sea. There is also a first aid kit that is provided. There is enough reserve made for emergency food. These foods are made of substances that cannot get affected by sea water.

These food items can stay on for days. Each totally enclosed lifeboat is also provided with a good supply of fresh water. These totally enclosed lifeboats are very light. In spite of being light they are very strong and can survive any weather condition. They can float for days. They can sail automatically. A person who has never sailed in a lifeboat can easily use them.

The totally enclosed lifeboat are the new thing in. They are manufactured by a number of companies all across the world. These have ensured that the number of causalities in a sea accident is much lesser. These are a must have for all the ships. Although using these totally enclosed lifeboat is very simple still all crew members must know how to operate this craft.

Mostly red and orange colours are used to build the totally enclosed lifeboats. It is indeed a wonder of technology. This has ensured that a lot many more lives can now be saved using these totally enclosed lifeboat.

The totally enclosed lifeboat is made of such a material that is not affected by fire. The material is so strong that not much water can enter these totally enclosed lifeboat. Some of the totally enclosed lifeboats are also provided with small windows that can be opened to let in fresh water and sunlight.

Some of the totally enclosed lifeboat are also provided with technology that can be used to trace them. These protective measures ensure that the passengers inside are safe and the totally enclosed lifeboat can be located by the rescue team. There has been a lot of advancement in the concept of totally enclosed lifeboat. We can only expect that with time the technology used in totally enclosed lifeboat is only going to improve. We hope that these totally enclosed lifeboats ensure that the sea is a much safer for all.

The cost of the totally enclosed lifeboat is definitely a little more than many other life boats. With the use of more sophisticated technology the cost is only expected to rise. Nevertheless, the experts belive that these totally enclosed lifeboat are going to be more economical as more and more ships start using them.

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