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Danish OSK Designs New Ropax Ferries for Onorato

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Danish OSK Designs New Ropax Ferries for Onorato

Danish OSK Designs New Ropax Ferries for Onorato

The provider of passenger and freight maritime transportation Onorato Armatori has signed a contract with Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) for the order of two plus two RoPax ferries, designed by Danish naval architects, OSK-ShipTech.

The contract was just signed at a ceremony in Beijing. Onorato Armatori is behind the RoPax ferries to be built at Chinese shipyard Guangzhou Shipyard International. The first ferry is scheduled for delivery in 2022. The contract includes an option for two additional ferries of the same type. In any case, this a record ferry order – and a quantum leap for the joint cooperation between GSI and OSK.

It is the long-standing cooperation between both OSK, yard and owners, which results in this project. “Two of our largest clients are now doing business together, so to us, this is a dream-scenario, where we are appointed designers on the basis of earlier projects and long-term successful cooperation with all parties. This is such a significant project, and this order is a fantastic opportunity to bring our competencies, the yard’s strength and the owners’ joint pool of many years of experience into play,” says CCO of OSK Group, Anders Ørgård.

The RoPax-ferries will each have a capacity of approx. 3800 lane meters and room for 2,500 passengers in total. The accommodation will have a modern, clean look and will be designed based on passenger needs and spaciousness. Technologically, the ferries will be LNG-ready and fitted with the latest technologies for energy optimisation. UC Marine can offer a wide collection of throw overboard liferaft for RoPax Ferry.

“On a global scale this is in any possible way a significant order in the current RoPax market. The fact that OSK-ShipTech is on board a contract of this size is something we are very proud of and goes to show that we are amongst the ship designers globally who are relevant when it comes to the world’s largest design projects,” says Jacob Thygesen, CEO of OSK Group.

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