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OCM-12 type Oil-in-water Monitoring Device

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Product Description

OCM-12 type Oil-in-water Monitoring Device

OCM-12 portable water oil monitoring device is a portable testing instrument designed for fast detection of oil in water. The instrument uses low power consumption and long life design. It can be used normally in various places. The instrument has its own working power supply (low voltage lithium battery). The work site does not need to connect the working power. It is convenient to use the sample water directly into the measuring tube of the instrument or directly through the hose at the working site. The concentration of oil in the sample water can be immediately displayed in the sampling pipeline. Do not need to add other chemical reagents, simple operation, rapid detection, oil and petrochemical industry is a good tool for rapid leak detection, oil refining device leakage can be star, is a good helper for inspectors.

The principle of infrared light refraction measurement is widely used internationally. A specific wavelength of light source and many different angles of solid-state optical receiver are used to measure the different refraction light and light transmission intensity produced by oil droplets and particles. The optical signal received by the optical receiver is converted into a digital signal through a high precision amplifier and a signal converter, and then the oil content and the particle content are calculated by the microprocessor. The oil concentration is calculated by a specific mathematical function relation, and the interference of the particles is separated out. This greatly improves the detection of the particles. Measurement accuracy.

Technical Data of OCM-12 Oil-in-water Monitoring Device:

AccuracyBetter Than 2mg/l
LinearMore than 2%
Power Supply5VDC
Alarm Point1-99ppm Adjustable
Alarm Point Factory Setting10mg/l
Alarm InstructionRed LED
Sample Water Pressure≤4bar
Ambient Temperature-20 to +70℃
Sample Water Temperature1 to +80℃
Size (overall)172mmW×160mmH×120mD
Protection GradeIP65
Pipe ConnectionR 1/4"internal thread

If you are interested in OCM-12 type oil-in-water monitoring device, please contact us for more details.

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