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CF-5 Digital Repeater Compass

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Product Description

CF-5 Digital Repeater Compass

CF-5 digital repeater compass is compact sized and characterized by a flexible installation. It adopts the latest electronic and computer technology, in which standard digital heading signal in accord with IEC61162-1 can be directly input, and the signal through calculation, conversion, drive, eventually in the double-display forms of azimuth angle plate and four digital tube indicates the real-time ship course.

CF-5 Digital Repeater Compass
NMEA interface 
Rs422 interface4800 baud
1 starting position , 1 stopping position ,   without polarity checkout
Cycle time  120 ms
( sending information accords with NMEA-0183 standard 2.00 edition )
Sentences accord with NMEA2.0(IEC 61162-1):

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