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Shipboard Electronic Inclinometer

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Product Description

Shipboard Electronic Inclinometer

Shipboard electronic inclinometer is used to measure and display the heel angle  of the ship, to support the crew operate the ship on board in order to avoid dangerous situations as well as assist in maritime casualty investigations.

Features of Shipboard Electronic Inclinometer:

1. Accurately determine the heel angle, roll amplitude and roll period of the ship;

2. Real-time display in bridge, provide corresponding interfaces to output instantaneous heel angle data to the voyage data recorder (VDR);

3. Send out failure warning when power failures and system failures;

4. When ship heeling/roll exceeds a set alarm value or danger threshold value, a warning which different from above mentioned failure warning should be issued;

5. Electronic inclinometer is powered from the ship's main source of electrical energy. In addition, it is able to be operated normal when powered from the ship's emergency source of electrical energy.

If you are interested in shipboard electronic inclinometer, please contact us for more details.

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